Welcome to M2YE

Welcome to Music 2 Your Ears! We are Silent Disco Specialists. A Silent/Headphone Disco is an event where people dance to music listened to on wireless headphones. Come and join the party today…


We aim to provide Gloucestershire & Surrounding areas with this relatively new concept, and help them create memories to last a lifetime with fun & laughter for all the family.

In the earliest days of silent discos, before 2005, there would be only one channel available to listen to music through. Over time, the technology has evolved now allowing for three channels, meaning that three separate DJs or audio sources can be broadcast at the same time.

The benefit of having different genres of music being played on different channels really does make it appeal to all ages. On one channel you could have Motown/Soul, on another you could have Rock/Indie, and you could have Party/Pop on the third channel with the party guests easily switching between the music being played with a simple push/click of the button on their headphones.

There are numerous parties, events and places where this headphone system comes into it’s own. Silent discos are hugely popular at music festivals as they allow dancing to continue past noise curfews whilst they are also ideal for family parties, as there is something for everyone to enjoy, without having to shout over loud music. It also keeps neighbourly relations stress free during garden and house parties! They are incredibly on trend for Weddings at the moment as something a little different for people to enjoy and of course to help create some fantastic memories to last a lifetime.

Other popular functions for the headsets include the use of them in the educational sector with them being implemented in Lectures while also being used in schools for Outdoor Cinema, Events, Proms and Discos.

Myself I have 25+ years experience in DJing, covering all genres of music and many styles of events and have been working in the Silent Disco industry for the last 6 years. I have seen first hand how wonderful these events are and the stories and memories are truly priceless.


Getting the right price is important and we are as competitive as they come. Prices start from £50 and are based on a 24 hour hire. For more info visit our Pricing page.

20 Headsets + 1 Transmitter = £70

50 Headsets + 2 Transmitters = £150

100 Headsets + 2 Transmitters = £200

150 Headsets + 3 Transmitters = £300

Prices based on 24 hour Hire.

Additional Information:

Extra batteries for the headphones will be supplied with all packages. Any Headsets lost, stolen or damaged are charged at £30 each.

If music playlists are required we can supply these for an extra cost. If any DJ’s are required we can provide that service at a cost. Disco Lighting is also available to hire, to give your event an extra special party atmosphere.

Delivery available within a 50 mile radius of Cheltenham.

We understand every event is different, so if you have a specific package you’d like to put together then please get in touch and we’ll sort everything out for you.


Want to book in with M2YE? Got any further questions about what we provide? Whatever it is, please do get in touch with us via our Contact Page.